With its original inception, outsourcing appeared to be a feasible option for sizable companies cultivating low-end business practices. In more recent years, outsourcing has grown to be a standard action for most businesses. Outsourcing is not only advantageous as a more cost-effective alternative, but bears considerable merit in terms of competitive prevalence. The practice has presented organisations with many opportunities to develop skill sets and expertise that would typically only be accessible with signifcant investments. It has also meant the salvation of small businesses or start-ups operating with only the most basic resources.




The economical benefit of outsourcing is certainly what makes it most appealing. Instead of employing the company’s own staff, IT output can be managed at a much lower cost through outsourcing. Indirect savings include (but are not limited to) payroll overheads, administration and HR expenditure.



The acquisition of skilled human resources remains a major obstacle for many companies. Substantial capital is required to train employees as well as an ancillary infrastructure. Outsourcing easily overcomes these hurdles by making experienced and skilled labours accessible, affordable and independently manageable for clients.



The more a company develops, the more administrative tasks increase. Valuable time may be wasted on handling these back-office operations – time and resources that a growing business cannot afford to squander. Outsourcing enables companies to direct their attention toward more pressing affairs while someone else handles more secondary functions and commonplace responsibilities.



If certain operations are outsourced, many risks related to managing particular functions can be reduced or even cut away completely. For example, if server maintenance is consuming working time and resources, a company’s outsourcing provider may supply services that can substantially decrease the risk of downtime. Resources that would typically be too exorbitant to maintain internally, like shared platforms, redundant servers and outsourced call-centers can be covered by your outsourcing provider.



Outsourcing is not only cost-advantageous but possesses to ability to increase the effectiveness of a business’s operations. When a company coordinates their objectives with the services provided by outsourcing, capability and productivity may improve as anticipated. The correct outsourcing provider can offer significant enrichment to an enterprise’s outcomes.


Traditionally companies have separate departments managing their data and voice communication. Modern voice systems are cloud-based and their success is directly related to the reliability of the supporting IT infrastructure. FOX5 is associated with a share of the first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems in South Africa and has developed many customised solutions specific to our voice systems.

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Advantages of using integrated IT and VoIP solutions :


Data networks involve the interaction of users with computer hardware devices. As a result thereof, support is technical and people-based. Maintenance of every component of a data network requires a specialised skill and understanding of the component as well as the processes affected by the component.

Data networks and hardware are the core building blocks of any company. In order to maintain a reliable communications network, many companies employ large IT departments focusing on various facets of the system or even still outsource certain special tasks.

Network component failure can occur in long downtime periods and often result in considerable unforeseen expenses. It is possible to reduce the risk of such losses by extending warrantee terms, making provision for regular hardware replacements and implementing preventative maintenance techniques.

These are often decisions that need to be approved by top management and require various departments to interact with IT on implementation.

Having dealt with companies of various sizes and in many different fields of expertise, we understand the complexity of these requirements and typically have in-house solutions to most problems. Should you need a specific skill in your IT department or even a team to manage every facet of your network, we can provide dedicated remote or onsite support.


Never before have computer and network systems been as crucial in the operation of a business as in the last couple of years.

Modern communication systems are increasingly relying more on the internet and external supporting and consequently are more prone to being misused. PC’s and components need to be maintained regularly regardless of whether they are experiencing problems. Technology changes constantly and it is vital for any company to compare costs to performance savings when planning upgrades.

Information technology has led to both large and small business relying on computer networks in terms of operating their businesses efficiently. Many companies would struggle to cope or even exist without computer systems.  It is particularly imperative for smaller businesses to ensure preventive computer maintenance to decrease such risks. In the event of a technical emergency, network support may be unable to assist you.

There are measures that can be taken to prevent the occurrence or decrease the negative effects of system failure:

The establishment of a good relationship with a reliable computer service retailer has become essential to sustaining an operational business. Though typically more expensive, a dependable vendor can generally restore your computer system more swiftly than a manufacturer could – a service that is essential in a dynamic business environment.

The practice of regular, automatic backups is crucial. In recent years computer hard-drives have become extremely affordable, so the process is essentially an easy one. This should comprise of both mirrored and active backups of important files to either on-site backup file servers or – if your internet speed permits it – online backups to cloud storage facilities.

Anti-virus and firewall systems are essential for any hardware that can connect to the internet. Automatic firewall and virus scanning/protection will enable the detection of any malicious programs or viruses before your system can be contaminated. Much productivity can be lost if the necessary protection is not implemented.

Alternative internet connections can be very beneficial in the event that your primary internet connections experience problems. The substitute could be a simple ADSL or LTE connection or entire alternative ISP.

In order to execute the above, it is sometimes important to implement IT policies. This will define a set of rules through which users may utilise their systems and will ultimately save the company a substantial amount of PC maintenance costs.


With more than 10 years of experience in complex web applications, our ISP services are fully flexible to suit almost any requirement. For this reason, a large portion of our hosting services consists of web applications and online programs. With hundreds of corporate domains and thousands of email addresses, we allocate a significant budget on regular server upgrades and security. We provide a variety of hosting platforms and offer our full range of services on all hosting packages.

Being a corporate ISP exclusively to clients with support contracts with us, we are able to provide a personalised support service tailored to the nature of the client’s business. We provide our own Realm servers, web and mail servers and are a registered, independent ISP. All our traffic monitoring and management software has been developed by our programming division and is maintained daily.







Although often neglected, it is very necessary for a company to have access to programming resources. Most business processes require software and/or the knowledge of software to function correctly.

Even in elementary form, companies need to maintain their websites and require service providers with basic web development knowledge. Depending on the processes and nature of the business, programming requirements will differ. Developing a system requires a programmer to develop an algorithm to solve a certain business requirement, which often means understanding the business better than the business owners do.

As part of our outsourcing solutions, we provide our clients with access to programming resources and pre-developed code and components that would generally be very costly to implement.

Most of our systems are used daily, including multi-level marketing algorithms for one of the biggest marketing companies in Africa. Numerous other core-critical systems for clients are used daily with constant upgrade and improvement projects underway.